Breakfast Club

Welcome to the "Breakfast Clubs".

The breakfast clubs are groups of Veterans and serving members of all arms of Her Majesties Armed Forces, who, in short, look out for each other.

We meet every Thursday eat breakfast together, indulge in some good old military banter, some irreverent talk and some black humour.

Meeting Arrangements

Breakfast Club

Every Thursday 0900-1200
Totally Wicked Stadium
McManus Drive

We also have representatives from The Royal British Legion, SSAFA, Veterans in Mind (GMW NHS) as well as other professionals present, to assist with any issues people may be experiencing.

For many, this also leads to meeting socially at other times, with wives and partners, At Regimental Dinners (with our respective associations), for nights out, barbecues, parties and family occasions etc.

Spending time with people with a similar outlook on live; similar sense of humour and in many respect the social life many of the veterans of the breakfast clubs now enjoy are similar to the days when they served.

We have representatives from Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines ... so if you want to come along, join in the banter, as long as you have a uniform service history, or association with such, and can cope with the sense of humour, just turn up on a Wednesday morning from 0900 and you will be made welcome.

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